Vote Republican

October 29, 2012 


Lora Rathbone (Letters, Oct. 14) has things a little mixed up. Most of our major wars were entered under Democrat administrations -- World War I, Woodrow Wilson; World War II: Franklin Roosevelt; Korean War, Harry Truman and Vietnam War, John Kennedy. If I remember my history, it was President Nixon, a Republican, who ended the Vietnam War. So on that note, if you are voting for peace, your odds are better voting Republican.

War is a horrible thing, and countless people are killed, but the number of American lives lost during all of our wars combined is a small fraction when compared with the tens of millions of American lives lost in the last 39 years because of abortion.

Think of the billions of dollars Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers have taken in since the legalization of abortion. Think about the amount of money spent on the mental health of those who have made the decision to abort their babies.

I would much rather have my tax dollars supporting peace through strength, i.e. a strong military, than the killing of innocent babies. For all of those who agree with me, vote Republican.

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