Governor: not Inslee

October 29, 2012 


Where's Jay?

Can you find Jay Inslee on the political map today? It's difficult, but here's some helpful advice. First, listen for the sound of platitudes from a career politician. Next, look far left, left to Bainbridge Island, where Jay long ago abandoned any sense of political moderation. Then, look around.

You may find him taking Eastern Washington for granted because, politically, this isn't fertile ground for Jay anymore.

Last, look to the other Washington, where Jay spent the past decade accomplishing very little but managed to move closer in ideology to Al Gore. But, you won't find him there either -- he dropped his congressional seat to chase a pay increase as Washington's governor.

So, where's Jay? Perhaps he's on your television saying nothing of substance, in your mailbox selling you on the green economy or in your neighbor's yard, asking you to extend his career in government.

But look behind you, to your left. Yes, that's him there, further to the left of any moderate voter on most every single issue and eyeing your pocketbook. Governing westside Democrats just like Jay have dug Washington into a serious fiscal hole. Let's not hand Jay a shovel.

Retire Inslee.

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