State House: Edwards

October 29, 2012 


I heard state Rep. Maureen Walsh speak at two recent events -- at Columbia Basin College as the spokeswoman for same-sex marriage and at Whitman College, debating her opponent.

As spokeswoman for same-sex marriage, she came across angry and arrogant. But at Whitman College, with her hometown supporters watching, she was all smiles and politeness. It was like watching someone with two very different personas.

Walsh called herself a bridge builder vs. a bridge burner but then called everyone against same-sex marriage ugly, derogatory names. She said its her job to represent the minority voice.

It's disturbing that Walsh has no tolerance for those who uphold family values and principles as stated in the Republican platform. It's disturbing that she cares more about crossing the aisle and siding with Democrats 30 percent of the time on key voting issues and burning bridges with her own constituents. It's disturbing that she doesn't understand that she's the representative of those who voted her into office.

Please join me in voting for a conservative Republican as the next representative for the 16th Legislative District, Position 1, who will be our voice in Olympia for limited government, property right and the sanctity of life and family values, among others. Vote for Mary Ruth Edwards.

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