Kamiakin co-op leads to regional success

October 27, 2012 

The Kamiakin boys just might want to retire those red-and-white running tops.

After all, they were good for first- and second-place finishes at Saturday’s Eastern Washington regional cross country races Saturday at Carmichael Middle School in Richland.

The Braves finished second in the boys race to nine-time defending champion North Central, which will be the favorite to win a seventh straight Class 3A state title next weekend at Sun Willows Golf Course in Pasco.

The Kamiakin girls, meanwhile, repeated as regional champions, outpacing Mt. Spokane and University as the top three teams move on to state.

The win, however, did not come without an assist from the boys squad after one of the girls forgot her uniform top. Since every runner on a team has to be in the same uniform, the girls had to borrow the boys’ tops.

So, how was it getting your jersey back after it had traveled 3 miles on someone else’s back? Cold and clammy?

“They smelled gooood,” Kamiakin’s Austin Oser said with a grin.

Oser paced Kamiakin’s pack on the boys side, finishing fifth in 15 minutes, 38.8 seconds as the Braves stuck all five scorers in the top 16 — Ahmed Ibrahim (seventh), Garrett Kraal (12th), Christian Rodriguez (15th) and Andrew Snyder (16th). That while missing one of their top runners in Keegan McCormick, out after suffering appendicitis before district last week.

“The plan today was run with teammates,” Oser said. “That’s what’s been working.”

No one epitomizes pack better than North Central. With top runner Kai Wilmot out of the lineup, the Indians still posted the top individual (sophomore Tanner Anderson, 15:13.1) and had six in the top 10 for a minuscule 27 points. Kamiakin finished with 55, followed by Mt. Spokane with 65.

Between them, Kamiakin and North Central took up 10 of the 15 individual state berths. But that still left room for Hanford’s Jeevan Philip to finish 14th and secure his first state berth.

The key, the senior said, was getting out to a fast start and beating the pack into the first turn.

“I wanted to get up to the curve and not get pinched off by the crowd,” he said.

Kamiakin’s repeat on the girls side was not unexpected, but it did have two remarkable feats.

First, junior Megan Beauchene stayed within shouting distance of North Central’s Katie Knight, the four-time regional champion and defending 3A state champ who was in cruise control with a time of 17:48.3. That was just over 33 seconds faster than Beauchene, who cut nearly 20 seconds off her time on the same course when she finished fifth at the Richland Invite three weeks ago.

Second, Kamiakin placed four runners in the top 15 after replacing two of their top three from last season.

“Our team dynamic is a lot different this year,” said Michelle Fletcher, who finished fourth ahead of teammates Emily Moon (10th) and Brittany Brooks (15th). “We have a lot of underclassmen and people who haven’t run before. This shows the strength of our program, getting back-to-back titles.”

Southridge sophomore Emily Kump made it back-to-back state berths for her, finishing fifth (19:12.6) ahead of teammate Leslie Olsen (sixth, 19:16.2) and Hanford’s Amy Pfaff (seventh, 19:33.9).

“It feels really good,” Kump said. “I’m just glad that my teammate’s going with me.”

At Carmichael MS (3 mile)


Team scores (top 3 to state)—North Central 27, Kamiakin 55, Mt. Spokane 65, University 109, Shadle Park 126, Hanford 175, Southridge 203, Kennewick 206, Sunnyside 265. Top 15 to state—Tanner Anderson (NC) 15:13.1; John Dressel (MS) 15:20.0; Keith Williams (NC) 15:23.8; Nicholas Hauger (SP) 15:34.9; Austin Oser (Kam) 15:38.8; Oliver Reed (NC) 15:41.6; Ahmed Ibrahim (Kam) 15:43.8; Isaac Kitzan (NC) 15:52.1; Sam Holland (NC) 15:56.1; Austen Frostad (NC) 15:59.1; Kees von Michalofski (MS) 16:00.2; Garrett Kraal (Kam) 16:01.1; Jacob Vandenberg (MS) 16:01.6; Jeevan Philip (Han) 16:03.5; Christian Rodriguez (Kam) 16:08.1. Kamiakin—5, Oser; 7, Ibrahim; 12, Kraal; 15, Rodriguez; 16, Andrew Snyder 16:09.4. Hanford—14, Philip; 33, Seth Cook 16:52.0; 38, Hao Zhai 17:32.4; 44, Steven Lutz 18:09.8; 46, Ben Hoffner 18:28.3. Southridge—28, Cameron Johnston 16:45.0; 29, Brody Sams 16:46.2; 42, Triston Drollingr 17:45.9; 47, Garrett Gifford 18:53.1; 57, Nolan Molt 19:45.9. Kennewick—20, Joseph Schuldheisz 16:18.5; 43, Chase Onstot 18:05.2; 45, Mason Klippert 18:19.4; 48, Prescott Davis 18:57.2; 50, Colin Rice 18:58.9. Sunnyside—49, Jesus Marquez 18:57.9; 51, Audiel Sanchez 18:59.7; 54, Eduardo Cuevas 19:27.4; 55, Javier Tapia 19:31.5; 56, Christian Ruiz 19:44.5.


Team scores (top 3 to state)—Kamiakin 54, Mt. Spokane 70, University 77, Shadle Park 87, North Central 101, Southridge 113, Hanford 186, Rogers 233, Sunnyside 256. Top 15 to state—Katie Knight (NC) 17:48.3; Megan Beauchene (Kam) 18:21.9; Makenna Endebrock (MS) 18:56.0; Michelle Fletcher (Kam) 19:04.1; Emily Kump (SR) 19:12.6; Leslie Olsen (SR) 19:16.2; Amy Pfaff (Han) 19:33.9; Ashlie Standow (U-Hi) 19:37.3; Kelsey Jerome (U-Hi) 19:38.4; Emily Moon (Kam) 19:39.5; Gabi Gomez-Wint (SP) 19:40.2; Hannah Pomante (MS) 19:40.9; Emily Stone (SP) 19:41.3; Lauren Dunnell (SP) 19:43.6; Brittany Brooks (Kam) 19:58.1. Kamiakin—2, Beauchene; 4, Fletcher; 10, Moon; 15, Brooks; 23, Gleyder Vargas 20:40.6. Southridge—5, Kump; 6, Olsen; 28, Jamie Callahan 21:04.8; 35, Brandee Hansen 21:24.9; 39, Annie Samuelson 21:36.8. Hanford—7, Pfaff; 34, Haley Porter 21:23.3; 40, Beverly McCarthy 21:37.3; 54, Alisa Chuang 23:52.1; 55, Bailey LePage 23:57.1. Kennewick—48, Melissa Schmitz 22:28.2; 53, Zoe Lucke 23:26.4; 58, Emma Staley 26:27.3. Sunnyside—46, Vanesa Quiroz 22:05.7; 49, Kayla Gonzalez 22:36.5; 50, Jeniya Guillen 23:04.7; 59, Jessica Ambriz 26:59.7; 60, Sierra Gonzalez 28:56.3.

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