Mid-Columbia births for Sat, Oct 27, 2012

October 27, 2012 

Lourdes Medical Center, Pasco

MAGANA -- Sandra and Matthew Simmons, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 17.

SLACK -- Angela and Brandon, Pasco, boy, Oct. 18.

WOODIWISS -- Gillian and KC, Ellensburg, girl, Oct. 18.

MARKO -- Diana and Pavel, Richland, girl, Oct. 19.

Kennewick General Hospital

MURRAY -- Sarah and Ben, Richland, boy, Oct. 25.

DE LA CRUZ -- Nayely and Jose Fletes, Eltopia, girl, Oct. 23.

BLANCO -- Jessica and Carlos Aguirre, Richland, girl, Oct. 23.

GILLELAND -- Jackie and Kenny Cantu, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 24.

ENRIQUEZ -- Cinthia and Andrew, Pasco, girl, Oct. 21.

SANDOVAL -- Maria and Ulices Cisneros, Pasco, girl, Oct. 22.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

SIEDMAN -- Kandis and Robert, Hermiston, girl, Oct. 19.

MUNOZ -- Sandra and Roberto Hernandez, Hermiston, girl, Oct. 16.

Walla Walla General Hospital

MEDINA -- Jenny and Jose Uribe, Milton Freewater, boy, Oct. 15.

WERNSING -- Rachel and Colton Challis, Athena, girl, Oct. 17.

COOK -- Jessica and Paul Good, Walla Walla, girl, Oct. 18.

MARTINEZ -- Ludivina and Jose, Walla Walla, girl, Oct. 17.

PACHECO LOPEZ -- Eduarda and Leopoldo Santiago Zaera, Walla Walla, boy, Oct. 22.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

BLANCHARD -- Nicole, Richland, boy, Oct. 18.

RODRIGUEZ -- Vanessa and Jeremy Beaver, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 19.

LOCKHAVEN -- Alicia and Kyle, Pasco, boy, Oct. 19.

DUENAS -- Marcy, Pasco, girl,

Oct. 19.

MATTSON -- Amanda, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 19.

HAUGEN -- Cynthia and Jeremy, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 20.

RASH -- Ashley, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 20.

MORGAN -- Lauren and Chei, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 20.

OSSMAN -- Ariah and John, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 21.

GARCIA -- Yuliana, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 21.

PAW -- Ni Doh and Po Eh, Richland, girl, Oct. 21.

MCFERON -- Chraya and Jason Teal, Walla Walla, boy, Oct. 22.

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