Man pleads innocent to writing fraudulent checks

Kristin M. Kraemer, Tri-City HeraldOctober 26, 2012 

A 43-year-old man faces trial Dec. 17 on charges he wrote at least $2,300 in fraudulent checks on the account of a Kennewick volleyball club.

William Anthony D'Addario pleaded innocent Wednesday in Benton County Superior Court to five counts of forgery.

Court documents show that a Richland police detective was sent to HAPO Community Credit Union on June 12 to meet with a fraud recovery specialist about several checks that had been deposited into a woman's account.

The detective was able to get surveillance videos from five of the transactions. Several officers helped identify D'Addario -- who they were familiar with from previous contacts -- as the person seen depositing the checks, documents said.

The woman whose name is on the account initially told police that she never used the account and her card had been stolen, she suspected by D'Addario, court documents said.

When told she could be seen in one surveillance video with D'Addario, the woman first said she thought he was using someone else's account.

She eventually admitted giving D'Addario her PIN, claiming he told her they could collect money from her account as the result of a $500 overdraft cushion, documents said. The woman said she agreed to do that, but denied any knowledge of fraudulent checks.

In an interview with a detective, D'Addario was shown a close-up face shot of himself as taken from the surveillance video and insisted it was not him in the picture, documents said.

The forged checks were deposited from June 7 to 12, ranged from $200 to $900 and were written on the account of Strikeforce Volleyball Club out of Kennewick.

D'Addario was ordered held in the Benton County jail on $10,000 bail.

Former employee of Richland firm gets trial date on forgery charges

A former employee of a Richland construction company is accused of forging two business checks for a total of $1,565 in the name of the home builder's daughter.

Corinda H. McCoy, 33, pleaded innocent to two counts of forgery. Her trial is Dec. 17.

Prosecutors allege that McCoy cashed the checks in late July at Kennewick's Winco.

The checks for $585.25 and $982.25 belonged to Troy Davis Homes and were signed by Heather Parker, the company's office manager and owner's daughter, court documents said. Parker told police she did not write or sign those checks.

McCoy of Kennewick previously worked for the company, documents said.

2 plead innocent to stealing extension cords to sell copper wire

A Kennewick pair pleaded innocent to allegations that within hours of two extension cords being stolen from a couple of yards, they were seen selling the cords to get money for the copper wire inside.

Todd Alan Jacobson, 33, and Kim Y. Johannbroer-Kimbler, 46, each are charged with one count of first-degree trafficking in stolen property. Their trial is scheduled for Dec. 17.

A Kennewick homeowner called police at noon Oct. 17 to report that someone had cut about 40 feet of an extension cord from his property and taken it.

Approximately 11/2 hours later, the victim went to Pacific Steel & Recycling in Kennewick to see if anyone had tried to sell his cord.

A Pacific Steel & Recycling employee was able to retrieve video of the transaction, which shows Jacobson and Johannbroer-Kimbler handing over two cords, court documents said. Johannbroer-Kimbler also handed over her identification card to complete the sale, documents said.

One of the cords belonged to the homeowner and the other to his neighbor.

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