If you believe

October 16, 2012 


In less than 30 days, voters will decide between someone will be a leader and someone who will continue to spend the United States into bankruptcy.

If you believe:

w Not passing a budget in four years and spending $1.5 billion more per year than revenues provide -- vote Democratic.

w It is OK to break the law and shut down the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository as a campaign favor to Sen. Harry Reid in Nevada -- vote Democratic.

w No citizen should be required to show personal identification before registering to vote -- vote Democratic.

w Small-business owners should have to shoulder the cost of Obamacare and see their employee health care costs increase by up to 100 percent-- vote Democratic.

w It makes economic sense for the government to spend $3.5 bill to save $3.5 million in the "cash for clunkers" debacle laced with fraud -- vote Democratic.

w Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell actually read the health care law before voting for it -- vote Democratic.

If you believe after four years of "hopeless and changeless" we need to try something else -- vote Republican.

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