Fast Focus: Charters succeed Lack of oversight Not the answer

October 14, 2012 


Most other states already have public charter schools, and all across the country, they are helping thousands of students, every day, to succeed in school and graduate prepared for college and a career. It's time Washington students are allowed the same public school options for success that are already available for students in 41 other states. That's why I'm urging my friends and fellow parents to support Initiative 1240 this November.

A yes vote on I-1240 will allow the creation of up to 40 public charter schools in Washington over the next five years. Charter schools are public schools that are independently managed by approved nonprofits, and overseen by a local school board or state commission, subject to strict accountability and performance requirements.

I-1240 brings the best of what works in other states to Washington. The rigorous authorization process required by I-1240 will ensure the best quality public charter schools for our state, with strict accountability and oversight.

Every state surrounding Washington has public charter schools. It's time for Washington to catch up and give parents another option when it comes to their child's education.

I urge you to learn more about public charter schools and I-1240 by visiting

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