President: Obama

October 12, 2012 


Conservative letter writers said Obama voters are stupid and called the president a socialist, a Marxist and the worst president ever. A yard sign read, "I'll vote for a Mormon before a Moron."

These critics surely gave George Bush a second term, but now they won't even mention his name, despite the first President Bush, who was one term, Ronald Reagan, Iran Contra, Spiro the-crook Agnew and I'm-not-a-crook Nixon.

In the past, I was asked by religious personnel to sign a petition pertaining to Mormons that I couldn't sign. Conservatism and religion make strange bedfellows.

I trust President Obama but consider the conservative description of those candidates who debated Romney, even if they were a bunch of hacks. I believe the video where Mitt says 47 percent of us are America's freeloaders.

Still, you can't ignore the global nature of the depression, obvious wars and mistakes of the previous presidency, voter suppression, the move to lower wages and disband unions in conservative-run states, an uncompromising Congress and a push by conservatives to start another war by election day. Against all odds, America has been moving forward, but conservative thinking has working people where they want us. The winner takes us all!

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