KGH at Southridge

October 12, 2012 

BOB POTTER, Richland

In 2007, I was part of a group that opposed the ballot measure for a 42-year tax to support the construction of Kennewick General Hospital at Southridge. We opposed the real estate tax increase for a facility that did not have a detailed design, adequate cost estimate or required permits and that included many homeowners not likely to use the Southridge facility.

Since then, KGH has completed a detailed design, cost estimate and financing plan that does not include new real estate taxes. It has now received approval from the state for its amended certificate of need.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center opposed the certificate based on its opinion that the KGH financing plan is flawed and that KGH can not afford the new facility.

While I am a user of Kadlec's high-quality health care services, I believe it is time for Kadlec to stop opposing KGH's Southridge hospital. The time is long overdue for the three Tri-City hospitals -- Kadlec, KGH and Lourdes Medical Center -- to cooperate and collaborate to provide complementary, high-quality health care services. This approach would provide better health care and reduce costs compared to the current cut-throat competition that we have seen from these organizations for more that a decade.

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