KGH supporter

October 12, 2012 


The people of the Tri-Cities have always enjoyed free choice for our medical decisions.

We have three hospitals and many good doctors.

This freedom is being threatened by the actions of Kadlec Regional Medical Center. Kennewick needs a new hospital. The current facility was built in 1952 with many additions tacked on over the years. Remodeling is no longer a viable solution.

Anyone with any business sense knows that it is advantageous to put a medical facility where traffic flow accommodates patients and brings in business. Kennewick General Hospital owns property south of town that meets the criteria.

A team of specialists who know the industry, the region and financing worked with KGH through the process of getting state approval to build.

Kadlec tried to throw up obstacles to stall progress while it builds all around the site for the new KGH hospital. All that money spent -- now they have damaged their credit rating. Who needs their financial situation checked by the state now?

Their supposed statements of support are clearly bogus given their attack on KGH's application for the certificate of need amendment as well as their attacks on previous state filings.

This is a pure example of greed. They want it all.

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