Distracted drivers

October 12, 2012 


Concerning David Chassin's Sept. 26 letter regarding distracted drivers and increasing the number of law enforcement officers.

I understand Chassin's concerns, but I disagree with the actions he proposes (jail time for distracted drivers who kill or injure others).

As taxpaying citizens, we continue to be asked to meet the cost of additional jails and prisons. Too many offenders are traffic offenders.

Asking us to pay the salaries for jailers, courts, jails and prisons to deal with distracted drivers is good plan for neither the taxpayer nor the traffic offender.

Home detention, electronic tracking devices, effective collection of fines, education programs (paid by the offender) may do as good a job of reducing the number of distracted drivers as the increased jail time and enforcement officers suggested by Chassin.

We need programs that cost less. Together, we can have these alternatives.

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