October 12, 2012 


If you are a Republican, you talk about the debt and how it's increasing. If you are a Democrat, you talk about the deficit, which is debt minus revenues, and how it is falling.

Yes, the debt is going up, but now let's take a look at the bigger picture and see what the deficit is doing. I, once again, direct you to the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank website ( and do a search on U.S. Deficit. This will show you the deficit is shrinking.

OK, with that said, I understand that the Democratic and Republican ideologies have little common ground, unfortunately more so now than ever. Republicans are Hayekians and Democrats are Keynesians, two completely different economic schools of thought.

But let's respect each other's beliefs. Let's respect that I am different from you and that I have different beliefs from you. Just because I believe something different does not make me wrong and you right and vice versa.

Don't try to convince me you are right by distorting facts that are on the verge of lies and, in return, I will do the same or you. Unfortunately, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan has done this. I truly hope President Obama and Vice President Biden do not.

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