61 years of thanks

October 11, 2012 


It will take years to write enough letters to thank those who made possible my recent 85th birthday and premature celebration of life. They brought cards, gifts, hugs, memories, music, 300 smiling faces and many kind words.

Looking at the DVD of the event that some of my guests produced makes me realize how fortunate I was to stand up and tell my world, "This is who I am, and this is what I profess in a world we all helped to create."

Since my husband and I moved to Richland in August 1951, to start a family and find satisfying work, all of us have improved the quality of life here.

I learned that public school teaching is a gift of love that keeps on giving. This area became a place where I belong, a place to call home, surrounded by people joined in mutual affection and respect.

I just had to throw a party to honor you with my gratitude. I'll be writing thank-you letters until 2020 for everything you contributed to this event and to my 61 years of life in this community, so please be patient. Meanwhile, at least this is an attempt at a start.

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