Democrat vs. Republican

October 10, 2012 


My main concern at election time is that voters fully understand the difference between the political parties. Although some Democrats have Republican views on some issues, and vice versa, here are some guidelines:

Democrats are pro-choice. Republicans are anti-abortion.

Democrats favor the strict separation of church and state. Republicans desire a Christian nation.

Democrats favor strict gun and business controls. Republicans favor no or minimal controls.

Democrats favor health care for everyone at government expense. Republicans reject the idea.

Democrats favor equal rights for gays. Republicans want to criminalize their acts.

Democrats favor the redistribution of wealth through taxation. Republicans reject the idea.

Democrats want leniency for illegal aliens. Republicans want them arrested.

Democrats want to continue the fight against racism. Republicans want to do away with affirmative action.

Democrats favor federal support to social programs like Planned Parenthood. Republicans reject support to such programs.

Democrats support women's rights regulations. Republicans reject such regulations.

Democrats favor unions. Republicans want to do away with unions.

Democrats want to ensure fair wages through minimum wage laws. Republicans want wages to be unregulated.

Democrats favor regulations that would combat global warming. Republicans reject such regulations.

Please vote knowledgeably.

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