Wrong about hell

October 9, 2012 


The article about movie makers examining the nature of hell (Faith & Values, Sept. 22) showed a lack of biblical research. Bible studies, taking into account the whole Bible, historically indicate that God made the world and the people in it hoping for companionship by appreciative superior beings (namely humans).

However, sin entered by devil, and the plan became corrupted. Mankind constantly dreamed of superiority and ways to excel in wrongdoing (wanted to be somebody without God). This scheme still goes on in violation of God's plan.

Why do men kill, force themselves on others and believe they are superior?

The Bible teaches that hell is not where God is. God is all good, perfect, just, kind, all powerful, etc. People who will not follow God, accept him, ask forgiveness for sins, etc., are not judged worthy to live with God. It is not God who casts them out, but people who opt for death. This is so plainly written in the Bible that no literate person should miss it.

Other stories (and historical events) are to help us become his people. Left to himself, man would destroy everything.

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