No to 'republicrats'

October 9, 2012 


I think the problem is the people who vote for Republicans and Democrats; they support a continuance of the corrupt political system.

I think the teachers should stop pretending that it is all about the children and their well being, instead of the reality that it is about wages and teacher-benefit packages.

The power company monopoly has choked the general populace for long enough, and people should seek alternative means of energy independence.

Seek a political ideology that wants an independent America instead of a new world order where the power-hungry elite try to control our every action. Vote for freedom instead of the "republicrat" system that has overtaken our American republic. Say no to the republicrats. They are really the same horse with a different color.

I think corporations have too much power and we need to give more power to the individual to work without a corporation. Corporations have sold us out to China and enslaved us.

Empower the people. I think that the only reason that a proposition passes is for the revenue of the government to tax more.

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