President: not Obama

October 9, 2012 


I love it when "comrade" Richard Badalamente spews the requisite Obama platform ("If you believe..." Letters, Sept. 25). It just confirms my opposition.

He is right about one thing: This election presents a clear choice; freedom or Marxism. The idea that the Democrats will cut spending is truly laughable in the face of the nearly $6 trillion President Obama has added on in less than four years.

Obama had two full years of majorities in the House and Senate and could of passed any legislation he wanted to. He couldn't even pass a budget. We have not had a budget passed since he took office.

If you want ineffective, incompetent leadership, vote Democrat. If you want continued high unemployment and the most anemic recovery in U.S. history, vote Democrat. If you want higher gas, food, utilities, and health care prices, vote Democrat. If you want more class warfare, a less than "transparent" government that makes back-room deals to pass legislation, vote Democrat. If you want a president who entertains Hollywood and plays in Las Vegas while our world embassies are torched and our citizens murdered than vote Democrat. Four more years of this president and the only thing the middle class can count on is being extinct.

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