President: not Obama

October 9, 2012 


Election musings: more and more taxes, mountains of debt, health care that is costing untold millions more than we were told, senior health care has doubled/tripled in costs, military being gutted, costing many thousands their jobs and making us vulnerable, an energy policy that costs more every day when we have nearly unlimited energy supplies in our own land but we can't access them. Coal miners losing their jobs daily.

Foreign policy is disastrous, allowing four Americans to be brutally murdered and it takes almost two weeks for the administration to explain why it happened. We all watch as much of the Mideast burns while the boss goes on a campaign trip to Vegas, then ignores our longtime ally Israel.

The administration has not kept promises from first campaign and continues to lie every day. Remember -- no lobbyists, post bills on web, no new taxes for those under $250,000 (health care), and refusal to accept any responsibility for anything, runs roughshod over Constitution,piles on new regulations and executive orders on business, millions of jobs lost and no clue how to solve economic woes.

And he wants four more years. Just what Americans need. We will watch our freedoms disappear forever.

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