Embarrassed by Pasco

October 8, 2012 

On Sept. 21, my family attended the Pasco-Chiawana varsity football game, and as a Pasco alumna, I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed that coach Dusty Lamb is leading the Bulldogs to a fourth losing season in a row. I was embarrassed to learn that the Bulldogs, under Lamb's Associated Student Body, used the stadium for their own "kick-off" party during Chiawana's homecoming. I was especially embarrassed by the behavior of the Pasco crowd: students booing, flipping off and turning their backs on the Chiawana homecoming court. And I was embarrassed by Pasco students' attempts to disrupt the performance of the Chiawana dance team with chants. Please know that I was not embarrassed by chants of pride and encouragement, such as, "This is our house," but by the overtly inappropriate behavior and the apparently complete lack of concern by the Pasco staff and administration.

I think the parents of those students should be embarrassed and I hope that Pasco High principal Raul Sital is mortified by the tasteless culture he has fostered in Pasco High's proud halls.

As for me and my husband, we'll be attending Chiawana games from now on, where the crowd seems to understand how to stay classy and have fun.


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