Fast Focus: Times have changed

October 7, 2012 


This seems a little crazy. A small group of people in the area referred to as the doughnut hole in Pasco do not want to be annexed into a city, soooo ... to preserve their rural lifestyle, they are going to form a city? Somehow this doesn't make sense.

We have lived in this doughnut hole area for 43 years and have enjoyed the rural lifestyle. We also have actively resisted annexation. However, things have changed. The road that my sons learned to ride their bikes on is now so busy I have trouble getting out of the driveway. Many people have moved out to this area, and it is time to adapt. The city of Pasco has systems in place for all governing functions. Police, fire and ambulance departments are already established as well as park departments and road departments.

The predicted chaos involved in this small minority setting up any kind of functioning government sends chills down my spine. The expense will be tremendous and, despite what some of these people say, there is no way volunteers can handle tax records, court systems and dispatching of police, fire and ambulance.

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