Fast Focus: Let me vote

October 7, 2012 


As a resident of the "doughnut hole" in West Pasco it seems to be implied that the people who live here are selfish, greedy and only want to take advantage of the all the city of Pasco has to offer.

What services we get from the city we pay for, and many do not get water or sewer from the city. Not all signed an agreement to get services. Most of us would like to be left alone. We would like to stay in the county, but the city is pushing to annex so we feel compelled to push back.

The city would like to "give" me LIDs, more density, more traffic (like the mess on Road 68) and more regulations. I don't want them to "give" me anything. I don't like the Obama/Crutchfield method, where they decide what's best for us because we aren't smart enough to decide for ourselves. There may be more people in the "doughnut hole" who want to be in the city, that's democracy, but we want a chance to vote.

Last I looked, this was still America. I've got my "big girl panties" on and would like a vote on my future.

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