Fast Focus: Limited choices

October 7, 2012 


I believe the folks in the Riverview area should maintain the right to remain outside the city of Pasco if they choose not to annex. Pasco has been using underhanded means for years to ensure the area is eventually annexed. I, for one, have no wish to be part of the city, that's why I bought a house out there in the first place. It never occurred to me annexation would one day be an issue. I have willingly paid higher water rates for years, rather than sign a form allowing my vote to be automatic in favor of annexation. Unfortunately, newer residents do not have that option. If they want water, they have to commit to annex.

It may not be practical to form a separate city, and I think the city of Pasco probably has enough "votes" at this point to ensure the area does not have the required population to validate an election. The laws have been enacted in such a way as to make it difficult, if not impossible, to form the new city. The remaining option would be to annex to Richland, but I do not know the ramifications of a city spanning county lines.

If the area cannot remain unincorporated (and present laws preclude that) forming a new city is the only remaining option.

I've survived outside the city for well over 20 years, I sure don't need one now. I would be for it a separate city as opposed to annexing. Less government is better government.

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