Public Lands: Didier

October 7, 2012 

KEN STOKER, West Richland

Charles LoPresti (Letters, Sept. 14) is another person explaining why it isn't Public Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark's fault. "It's not my fault. It's his fault." Where have we heard that before? When will elected officials accept responsibility for their actions?

No, Goldmark didn't start the wildfires, but his unscientific practices have exacerbated what may have been, poor management practices by adding some of his own. And he has done this without paying adequate attention to the input from his staff of experts.

LoPresti explains, "It is scientifically established ... from a century of practices now known to be misguided: excessive fire suppression, ill-conceived timber harvesting and reluctance to thin the forests."

Scientifically established and now known by whom? The eco-freaks who destroyed our timber industry with that "endangered" spotted owl? "Excessive fire suppression" is a "misguided" practice? In other words, we should adopt Goldmark's policy of "burn baby, burn"? I don't think so!

Clint Didier has a game plan: Implement good scientific forest management plans with the Department of Natural Resources staff of experts. Didier's forest programs will create good-paying jobs in Washington, prevent devastating fires, allow Washingtonians healthy forests to enjoy and make more money for schools.

Vote Didier for lands commissioner!

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