Public lands: Didier

October 7, 2012 


I strongly endorse Clint Didier for lands commissioner. Rather than wasting 200 words on Peter Goldmark's inept job as lands commissioner, let's talk about the positive leadership Didier will bring to the job.

Insect infestation and poor forest health were identified as being at epidemic levels before Goldmark took office and he has done little in that regard. Clint will hit the ground running on these issues. As a former firefighter, I will tell you, Goldmark's wildfires endanger our firefighters and cost us many millions of board feet of lumber from infected trees not harvested. Healthy forests mean revenue for schools; Clint's plans give us healthy forests.

The forests, tidelands and farmlands managed by the public lands commissioner belong to the people. Didier wants to involve people in actively caring for those lands. He proposes an effective "Adopt a forest, shoreline, lake or habitat area" to make environmental protection a personal matter for those who love the land.

Do we hear positive ideas coming from Peter Goldmark? I haven't heard any.

To learn first-hand what Didier's vision for our public lands, visit his website:

Join me by voting for Clint Didier, Washington state lands commissioner!

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