Classless display

October 5, 2012 


"See blue in all you do" is the motto at Chiawana High School. This means that in every aspect of your high school career at Chiawana, you should hold yourself to the highest standard of class that you can as a representative of that high school.

On Sept. 21, the students at Pasco High School didn't show any of that class during the homecoming court presentation, and as a graduate of Pasco High, I am ashamed of their actions.

Friday night was the homecoming game for Chiawana, and as the homecoming court was escorted around the track, Pasco High students were booing the students, throwing water bottles and other things at the students in the buggies that were transporting them.

It happened every time those buggies drove by the Pasco High students. One of the drivers was hit with a water bottle, but luckily no students were. Come on, Pasco High and staff. I am all for rivalries, but show some class. Go Riverhawks!

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