Great Gear: LoopRopes secure gear quickly, easily

By Pete Zimowsky, McClatchy-TribuneOctober 4, 2012 

Got to secure things to a trailer? How about hanging fishing rods in the cabin of a jet boat or in the shell of a pickup? They make quick gear lines in camp.

LoopRopes are constructed of doubled up 1/4-inch heavy duty shock cord.

They comes in several lengths and can be doubled up easily with the two stainless steel clips that come with each length. The clips also make it easy to secure gear.

They fill the bill for a variety of uses from hanging things in your tent to making a camp clothesline. I used one to secure gear on a boat trailer during a recent trip. When in camp, I used the same line to hang up life jackets to dry.

Price for a 5-foot line is $23.95. They also come in several variety packs.

Check them out at

Collapsible trash can makes cleanup easy

Plastic garbage bags overfill, fall over and generally make a mess in camp.

I saw a polyethylene collapsible trash can at a campsite at Bruneau Dunes State Park last month. It caught my eye.

A standard 33-gallon plastic trash bag will fit inside. It's lightweight and collapses so it will travel easy in an RV or station wagon. It also can be used as a storage or laundry bin on the road.

Price is around $13; seen at Cabela's, or see this one at for $17.71:

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