Comrie sports Captain America on his mask

October 4, 2012 

As a rookie, Tri-City Americans goaltender Eric Comrie's mask was subtle. No big flashy pictures and wild colors.

Now, as the Americans top man in the crease, Comrie has a mask befitting his stature. Captain America takes center stage on one side, while the Americans heritage logo is on the opposite side, and the team's 25th anniversary logo on the back plate.

Comrie, who admits he does not have an artistic flair, let renowned Canadian artist Jason Bartziokas have full reign — as long as he incorporated a couple of items.

"I wanted the 25th anniversary logo on the back and the our third jersey logo on it. I like that one," Comrie said. "He drew up a sketch and I really liked it. I was really thrilled when it was done."

I get a bird's eye view of the mask from the press box, and fans get a better view from ice level, but here are some pics that show all the little details.

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