Mid-Columbia births for Wed, Oct 3, 2012

October 3, 2012 

Kennewick General Hospital

BOND -- Kristie and Patrick, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 30.

SIXTOS -- Erlinda and Israel, Pasco, girl, Sept. 29.

CERULLO -- Jessica and David Schulz, Walla Walla, girl, Sept. 27.

DACANAY -- Rosanna and Danny, Pasco, boy, Sept. 27.

REAVIS -- Rebecca and Caleb, Pasco, girl, Sept. 27.

FITCH -- Jessica and Jason, Hermiston, girl, Sept. 24.

Prosser Memorial Hospital

ORNELAS -- Carla, Prosser, boy, Sept. 13.

DEGANTE -- Lucina, Prosser, boy, Sept. 15.

MORTIMORE -- Chelsey and Jared, Prosser, boy, Sept. 16.

CAMPOS -- Dora and Andres Gutierrez, Grandview, girl, Sept. 18.

HERRERO -- Menalyn and Stephen, Prosser, boy, Sept. 19.

SAXTON -- Jennifer and William Gordon, Prosser, girl, Sept. 20.

SAUCEDO -- Christina and Gumaro, Prosser, girl, Sept. 20.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

HOWELL -- Jubilee and Stephen, Hermiston, girl, Sept. 27.

COOLEY -- Chelsea and Dustin Gutierrez, Hermiston, girl, Sept. 22.

FETTERHOFF -- Katie and Kyle, Hermiston, boy, Sept. 21.

COLLINS -- Kayla and Caleb Maxwell, Hermiston, boy, Sept. 28.

GUTIERREZ -- Cynthia and Elvis Navarrete, Hermiston, boy, Sept. 26.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

HORTON -- Jessica and Marcelo Estrada, Hermiston, girl, Aug. 11.

KEATON -- Keena and Dustin Peale, Richland, boy, Aug. 12.

GUIZAR-RAMIREZ -- Araceli, Pasco, boy, Aug. 14.

BAIRD -- Alyssa and Kelly Fuston, West Richland, boy, West Richland, Aug. 23.

BERGGREN -- Laura and Scott, Kennewick, girl, Aug. 28.

TOPF -- Jana and Mike, Pasco, boy, Aug. 30.

LEWIS -- Jessica and Jeff, Pasco, boy, Sept. 1.

MASSIE -- Lana and Matthew, Pasco, girl, Sept. 2.

EDWARDS -- Brenda and Thomas, Benton City, twins, boy and girl, Sept. 15.

LOCHRIE -- Analicia and Joel Russell, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 22.

Walla Walla General Hospital

MARTINEZ -- Ana Karen and Alejando Garcia Diaz, Walla Walla, girl, Sept. 27.

LOREE -- Kelsie and Karl, Walla Walla, girl, Sept. 26.

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