President: not Obama

October 3, 2012 


It's amazing that President Obama is still so highly ranked in the pre-election polls. Can more than 50 percent of our once-intelligent and great free nation still really believe he is qualified to lead? Between all the unrevealed documents from his younger years, his financial support from George Soros, his belief that the rich owe the poor a lot of free lunches, his apologizing to our enemies, his frequent use of Air Force One for vacations and fundraising, the unprecedented debt he has piled on future generations, his contempt for people of faith and lawful gun owners, his endorsement of gay marriage, all his unconstitutional czars, his illegal wars in Libya and other places, his non-support of Israel, all the crooks in his Cabinet, the fact that the stimulus didn't work, the fact that the economy and job market still are wrecks, any logical person would conclude that Obama would lose to any challenger come November, but sadly, such is not the case.

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