President: not Obama

October 3, 2012 


It is abundantly clear that President Obama is not capable of leading this country. If you plan to vote for him in November, you either support his vision of a socialist/Marxist utopia in the United States, or you will vote for him without regard for the consequences of his re-election. His policies have utterly failed. He inherited a mess but he has made it much worse.

He and the Democratic Party, without dissent from a single member, have pushed us to the brink of destruction. Federal spending is unsustainable and he has no plan to change it. Everyone, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, old or young -- all Americans -- will be affected. Obama told David Letterman that our current $16 trillion debt was not a problem.

If things don't change, you can say goodbye to your dreams, your savings, your retirement plan and your guns. You must explain to your children and grandchildren what their future will be like. You owe it to them. Take responsibility for your actions. That's more than Obama will do.

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