President: Obama

October 3, 2012 


The right wing of the Republican Party and the presidential ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have not demonstrated a core value of treating people with dignity and respect, especially when it comes to women. The evidence is in the action, words and laws of state and federal politicians.

Here are some examples:

w Blocking or repealing legislation that prevents wage discrimination.

w Defunding or attempting to defund programs that provide preventative health care services to women.

w Requiring onerous, medically unnecessary procedures to expunge a woman's legal rights.

w Developing laws so that government can interfere with medical decisions between a woman and her doctor, while wanting no regulations or government interference in business.

w Supporting candidates like Todd Akin of Missouri who believes in "legitimate rape" and in women being paid less than men.

President Obama has demonstrated in his actions and words his support for women. He signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Affordable Health Care Act. Yes, Obama does care! He cares about all Americans. I strongly support and will vote for Barack Obama for president.

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