Lands commissioner: Didier

October 2, 2012 


Because Leon Howard (Letters, Aug. 24) supports Clint Didier for lands commissioner, Michele Levenite (Letters, Sept. 9) accuses him of "not understanding" what causes forest fires and wildfires. She then goes on to explain that the very things he was charging as Peter Goldmark's shortcomings are what causes the wildfires. Well, she did add drought, but that's not his fault.

Because Goldmark hasn't harvested the infected trees and thinned the tree stands, the fire dangers are greater than before Goldmark's watch. Because Goldmark has done enough to eradicate the pine beetle infestation, we have lost many more trees that become greater fodder for another wildfire. Because of Goldmark's rules, some ranchers aren't grazing their herds on public lands, making our grasslands another fire potential.

Levenite then "explains" that Goldmark's methods make our forests healthy and sustainable for "endangered species" but failed to tell us how that is possible -- I think it is Goldmark and Levenite who don't understand.

Clint Didier does understand and would implement good scientific forest management plans by working with the Department of Natural Resources staff of experts. Clint Didier's forest programs will create good-paying jobs in Washington, prevent the devastating fires, allow Washington's residents healthy, beautiful forests to enjoy and make more money for schools.

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