Return Mike Kreidler for insurance commissioner

By the Tri-City HeraldOctober 2, 2012 

We hope that everyone has a couple of things they want to do before they die -- and that they're pursuing them.

We encourage goals and aspirations.

And we admire people who take action on those goals.

So we're glad to see John Adams in the running for Washington State Insurance Commissioner. We just can't recommend him for the position.

This is Adams' third run at the office. And, by his own admission, he hasn't done anything in the past four years to improve his electability.

And although he has 40-plus years in the insurance business and is eager to be elected, his goal to serve does not meet the best interests of the state.

Conversely, we feel confident in recommending Mike Kreidler for insurance commissioner.

Kreidler understands the business of insurance in our state -- and country.

We have to include country, because regardless of who wins the presidential election, health care will be a big issue in the coming years.

Whomever sits in this office will navigate our state through the waters of either Obamacare or Romneycare, and we need an experienced captain at the helm.

As far as state insurance commissioners go, Kreidler has seniority -- nationwide.

He has been serving in that capacity for 12 years.

And, on a national level, he runs an office that is the envy of other states -- especially when it comes to using information technology.

Chances are you don't know who the insurance commissioner is or what he does. That is, until you have a problem with your insurance company. Then you'll quickly find out what the office entails.

This is an office that fields 100,000 phone calls a year.

It authorizes insurance companies to do business in the state. It helps consumer recover claims on their insurance policies when they've been delayed or denied.

It's a busy place.

Kreidler's rsum includes serving as a U.S. congressman and state legislator.

From his webpage, "I believe that my primary duty as insurance commissioner is to protect consumers. Insurance is a big business -- bringing in over $30 billion annually to the state. My staff help individual consumers whose claims have been unfairly delayed or denied. In fact, since I was first elected insurance commissioner in 2001, my office has helped consumers recover an average of $10 million every year from insurance companies."

Kreidler also is active in pursuing legislation to ban insurance companies from using credit scores to determine your insurability and to consider a company's premium surpluses when deciding if they are setting fair rates.

He's done a good job for the state, and we would like to see him returned to office.

The Tri-City Herald recommends Mike Kreidler as Washington state insurance commissioner.

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