President: Not Obama

October 1, 2012 


Hope and change didn't work, so now we are moving "forward." We have already moved forward under President Obama. Forward to higher unemployment and more people underemployed.

Some of those who have stopped looking for work are moving in a "forward" direction, possibly starting to rely on public assistance for them and their families to survive -- not necessarily by choice but because hope and change hasn't worked.

Let's go back to hope and change; we can "hope" that we elect a president who can help diminish high unemployment to get those who are unemployed or underemployed back to work. We can "hope" the next president can create jobs, so those who have stopped looking for work have an opportunity to get back into the work force.

If you voted for President Obama in 2008, you may want to think of making a "change" in your vote this time around.

Check your wallets and purses, if you voted for President Obama. Are you better off?

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