President: Romney

September 28, 2012 


I'm writing in response to the "anyone but Romney" letters that I've recently read. I don't understand this logic. Folks, in case you aren't aware, there are only two viable presidential candidates -- Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. That's it.

If you choose to not vote for Romney based on the common comments of his being too rich, too polished, or you don't understand his religion, take a good look at where our president's policies have us heading and think about it carefully. Because, you are ensuring that we will have four more years of Barack Obama.

Do you really want federal government dictating what foods you choose to feed your children, and what choices you have in health care and insurance, along with increasing premiums and diminishing benefits?

I see signs for Obama which read "Forward." Really? Forward to ever higher gas prices? (What is this administration's energy policy, anyway?) Forward to increased federal involvement in your personal life? Forward to a jobs program based primarily on increasing the government work force and thus increasing our already huge deficit?

Not for me. When I'm driving in the wrong direction, I turn around as soon as I can and try another route -- not keep going "Forward."

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