This just in ... Tuesday's cross country

September 27, 2012 

Just got back from a mini-vacation, and immediately had to turn my attention to two things.

First, I had to mow the lawn (Seriously, does this stuff ever stop growing? Week after week after week ... it’s like toenails on steroids).

Second, I had to get caught up on Mid-Columbia cross country, in particular Tuesday’s league meet at Fort Walla Walla.

Now, you may be asking, why the heck are we talking about cross country two days after the fact, and I’ll tell you why.

Umm ...

OK, we sorta, kinda had a little snafu that, on a busy Tuesday night, left the meet overlooked, the results out of the paper and running fans out in the cold.

In our defense, I will say this: If the meet had gone off as scheduled last Thursday, we would have been fully staffed and totally prepared to run results. So, in a way, blame Ben Franklin, who invented fire as well as lightning (I may be wrong on that point, but all the fact checkers have run out of steam with all those political commercials on TV).

But getting back to the running, hats off to the Kamiakin boys and Richland girls, who went undefeated in the various head-to-head duals (one race, many team scores).

The Kamiakin boys demonstrated they don’t have to have the top individual to dominate the field.

Richland’s Michael Williams (15 minutes, 44.0 seconds) edged Kamiakin’s Ahmed Ibrahim by half a second for the top spot. But fellow Brave Garrett Kraal came in right on Ibrahim’s heels, and Kamiakin proceded to finsh 2-3-6-7-8-13-15.

Williams’ win is a bit of a surprise but not completely out of the blue after he finished first at the Hanford jamboree and posted the fifth best time at the Highlander Invite.

Richland went 6-1 in the team scores, including an impressive 23-33 win over Walla Walla. Ryan Francis finished fourth to give the Bombers two top finishes.

Got to give some love to the Chiawana boys as well after the Riverhawks went 3-4, including a one-point win over Southridge.

On the girls side, all hail Richland after the Bombers went 5-0 in team scoring (Pasco and Kennewick don’t have five varsity runners required for a team) and placed four in the top six.

Sophomore Lindsey Bradley made it three wins in as many races with her showing of 18:18.8, nearly 22 seconds better than Kamiakin’s Megan Beauchene in second place. Lauren Perry (19:01.8) was third, followed immediately by Kinzie Icayan and then Sidney Bullock in sixth.

Walla Walla finished 4-1 after topping Kamiakin by a single point, thanks to a big fifth-place finish by Courtney Cox (good in Friends, even better on the cross country course).

Just as on the boys side, the Chiawana girls had something to shout about. Though the Riverhawks finished 1-4, they lost by a single point to a strong Southridge squad and were within three points of Hanford.

At Fort Walla Walla (3 mile)
Team scores
—Kamiakin 7-0, Richland 6-1, Walla Walla 5-2, Hanford 4-3, Chiawana 3-4, Southridge 2-5, Kennewick 1-6, Pasco 0-7. Top 3—Michael Williams (Rich) 15:44.0; Ahmed Ibrahim (Kam) 15:44.5; Garrett Kraal (Kam) 15:47.3. Hanford—9, Jeevan Philip 16:19.6; 18, Porter McMichael 17:18.0; 19, Hao Zhai 17:22.5; 20, Ben Hoffner 17:34.3; 23, Will Eldred 17:45.7. Kamiakin—2, Ibrahim; 3, Kraal; 6, Keegan McCormick 15:56.7; 7, Andrew Snyder 16:15.1; 8, Daniel Sanchez 16:15.4. Kennewick—11, Joseph Schuldheisz 16:36.2; 32, Prescott Davis 18:19.3; 35, Mason Klippert 18:41.4; 40, Luiz Zamarripa 19:41.2; 47, Josh Leavitt 21:28.6. Southridge—12, Brody Sams 16:38.4; 27, Cameron Johnston 18:03.3; 27, Triston Drollinger 18:06.9; 42, Sterling Scogin 19:51.7; 43, Tyler Brunson 19:53.4. Chiawana—24, David Thien 17:51.0; 30, Eric Stauffer 18:10.0; 34, Nick Cooper 18:33.3; 37, Jesse Delgado 18:59.5; 38, Josiah Cazier 19:03.7. Pasco—39, Jaron Rasmussen 19:33.6; 44, Carlos Garcia 20:14.4; 46, Elias Rodriguez 20:31.3; 48, Zeniff Torrey 21:29.3; 49, Angel Samano 21:33.5. Richland—1, Williams; 4, Ryan Francis 15:50.3; 14, Dennis McDuffie 16:44.4; 17, Jonah Sandoval 17:17.0; 21, Brandon Crawford 17:34.8. Walla Walla—5, Sean Newcomb 15:55.5; 10, Ben Wolpert 16:23.8; 16, Juan Cortez 17:14.6; 22, Zach Telfer 17:36.8; Dan Butler 18:10.9.

Team scores
—Richland 5-0, Walla Walla 4-1, Kamiakin 3-2, Southridge 2-3, Chiawana 1-4, Hanford 0-5. Top 3—Lindsey Bradley (Rich) 18:18.8; Megan Beauchene (Kam) 18:40.5; Lauren Perry (Rich) 19:01.8. Hanford—8, Amy Pfaff 19:28.4; 25, Haley Porter 21:34.6; 27, Beverly McCarthy 21:52.0; 38, Diana Wang 23:31.5; 40, Sarah Adkins 25:17.0. Kamiakin—2, Beauchene; 7, Michelle Fletcher 19:18.3; 13, Emily Moon 20:05.5; 16, Brittany Brooks 20:19.4; 21, Jori Perrins 21:07.2. Kennewick—36, Melissa Schmitz 22:54.6; 39, Zoe Lucke 25:06.9. Southridge—9, Emily Kump 19:28.8; 12, Leslie Olsen 20:04.4; 18, Jamie Callahan 20:34.9; 32, Alissa Huff 22:03.7; 33, Annie Samuelson 22:13.1. Chiawana—14, Samantha Cowan 20:10.4; 26, Vanessa Fowles 21:36.7; 28, Andrea Bonnington 21:55.3; 29, Cierah Alferness 21:56.1; 30, Marisa Konen 21:56.9. Richland—1, Bradley; 3, Perry; 4, Kinzie Icayan 19:07.2; 6, Sidney Bullock 19:13.0; 17, Samantha Bagley 20:20.1. Walla Walla—5, Courtney Cox 19:08.8; 10, Rachel Nelson 19:55.1; 11, Hannah Hampson 20:00.9; 15, Catherine Feistner 20:12.0; 20, Lea Davidson 20:47.5.

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