President: Not Obama

September 26, 2012 

E.M. BRAULT, Richland

President Obama sent me a rebate check for $200. My grandchildren will pay interest on that money all their lives. That disgusts me.

He spent the first two years on Obamacare. Where will all the doctors, nurses and hospitals come from to take care of the 30 million new patients? If I'm a businessman with 52 employees, why shouldn't I lay off three of them and avoid the cost of health insurance that will be required under Obamacare?

Democrats had control of the House and the Senate. Why not fix the Bush tax cut problem and the illegal immigration problem when they had control? Why does he spend so much money "protecting our borders" and then telling some of the children of illegal immigrants, "We were only kidding. Come on and take jobs and seats in college that legal residents want."

He promised to close Guantanamo. He assisted in getting Libya's Ghadafi because he was killing his own people; Syria's Assad is killing far more of his people and we say naughty, naughty.

He accepted the Nobel Peace Prize without doing anything to warrant it. It was a slap in the face to George Bush and America, and Obama participated in that insult.

Why Obama?

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