Mid-Columbia births for Sat, Sep 22, 2012

September 22, 2012 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

RHOADS -- Karissa and Exstacy Wornell, Pasco, girl, Sept. 8.

WEBER -- Rachel and Matthew, Walla Walla, boy, Sept. 8.

KLING -- Sarah, Pasco, girl, Sept. 8.

MCGUIRE -- Chantelle and Matthew Ruggles, Richland, boy, Sept. 8.

MAIER -- Stephanie and Michael, Pasco, girl, Sept. 8.

PEREZ -- Ursula and Juan, Pasco, boy, Sept. 8.

ALFONSO -- Lisa and Alfonso, Pasco, boy, Sept. 8.

CASE -- Jaimie and Joshua, Pasco, boy, Sept. 8.

SMITHEE -- Shelby and Cody, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 9.

KOCH -- Amber, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 9.

FLINT -- Nichole and Christopher Dehague, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 9.

PETYUK -- Eugeniya and Vladislav, Richland, girl, Sept. 9.

HAMPTON -- Casie and Blake, Othello, boy, Sept. 9.

THOMPSON -- Robyn and Sylvester Muldrow III, Richland, girl, Sept. 10.

GEAR -- Elizabeth and Jake, West Richland, girl, Sept. 10.

AVALOS -- Maria, Sunnyside, girl, Sept. 1.

RUDYCH -- Kauri and Ihor, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 11.

PETTY -- Crystal and Bobby, Richland, girl, Sept. 11.

GARCIA -- Vanesa, Pasco, girl, Sept. 11.

ALLENA -- Praveena and Sriaivas, Richland, boy, Sept. 11.

PATTON -- Deanna and Edward, Hermiston, girl, Sept. 11.

MALLORY -- Danielle and Christopher, Hermiston, boy, Sept. 11.

LUCAS -- Cara and Oscar Carrasco, West Richland, girl, Sept. 12.

WILKERSON -- Stephanie and Trevor, West Richland, girl, Sept. 13.

LOPEZ -- Alexys and Ernesto Llamas, Pasco, girl, Sept. 13.

BUCIO -- Mergen, Pasco, girl, Sept. 13.

VANCE -- Kylie and Jake, Pasco, girl, Sept. 13.

LEE -- Brandy and Timothy, Richland, girl, Sept. 13.

DAVIDSON -- Angela and James, Richland, girl, Sept. 13.

BOLT -- Jean, Eltopia, boy, Sept. 13.

RUSSELL -- Allison and Jeffrey, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 13.

BUSHELL -- Amberly and Joe, Boardman, boy, Sept. 13.

STALLINGS -- Jennifer and Jeromy, Richland, girl, Sept. 13.

EVELAND -- Jayna and Brandon, Pasco, girl, Sept. 14.

THILDADETH -- Tina and Oudom, Pasco, boy, Sept. 14.

ROBERTSON -- Ashley and Michael, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 14.

LEAL-RODRIGUEZ -- Claudia and Abraham, Connell, girl, Sept. 14.

MCBRIDE -- Tara and Randy Hughes, Richland, girl, Sept. 14.

CHRISTENSEN -- Kristen and D. Alex, West Richland, girl, Sept. 15.

GULCHUK -- Olga and Igor, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 15.

SALGADO -- Alma and Alex Ramirez, Pasco, boy, Sept. 15.

WILKERSON -- Kayla and Terry Lowen, Richland, girl, Sept. 15.

DIAZ -- Yuliana and Isaias Rivera, Pasco, boy, Sept. 15.

HAINES -- Jessica, Pasco, boy, Sept. 16.

MEENACH -- Jessica and Zach, West Richland, girl, Sept. 16.

SANCHEZ -- Angelina and Santos, Richland, girl, Sept. 16.

STEINBOCK -- Alex and Joe, Richland, boy, Sept. 16.

VALENCIA -- Adela and Daniel, Pasco, boy, Sept. 17.

MEJIA -- Marlene, Pasco, girl, Sept. 17.

NELSON -- Danielle and Eric, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 17.

MILLS -- Kristin and Jim, Benton City, boy, Sept. 10.

TRUJILLO -- Sheryl and Roman, Richland, girl, Sept. 10.

STUECKLE -- Jacqueline and Jacob, Prescott, boy, Sept. 10.

Kennewick General Hospital

EDWARDS -- Shania and Devin Ramsey, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 16.

SACHAK -- Taran and Stanley, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 17.

RODRIGUEZ -- Vania and Abraham Lopez, Pasco, boy, Sept. 17.

JEAN -- Lindsey and Shawn, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 17.

KUMMER -- Corrina and Patrick, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 17.

Sunnyside Community Hospital

VALENCIA -- Jovana and Jose, Grandview, boy, Sept. 17.

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