What silver spoon?

September 21, 2012 


The silver spoon that everyone says that Mitt Romney was born with seems a myth to me. That silver spoon had to be earned by his parents (if factual at all) and then maintained and even added to by Romney. He then worked hard to maintain and save several businesses in his career. I would like to see the record of the businesses that the president has worked at before his election.

I wonder how many people know President Obama has taken almost a $1 billion from medicare to establish the socialized medicine called Obamacare? Make no mistake, that is where we are going. Call it a tax or call it what it is, another loss of freedom to chose. I know there are some advantages out front, such as keeping your grown children on your policy for an extended period.

But while in Canada, I sampled their free medical care. I fell down a bank along a river in British Columbia and went to have the badly swollen wrist checked. They took three hours before they even put me on the list to be seen. I gave up, left, and returned to Pasco to be seen. I am a retired, concerned senior.

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