8th District: Klippert

September 19, 2012 

DIANA HOWARD, West Richland

Vote for Brad Klippert, a true fiscal conservative who listens to the people! Brad ran for office, promising to stand by his principles and not compromise on them. He has fulfilled that promise repeatedly!

It is refreshing to have a public servant portray that service every day as Brad does; he feels his "bosses" are all the residents of the 8th Legislative District. Brad knows the state has overspent and we must end the spending madness; his challenge is to start following our constitutional limits and stop trying to be the "nanny state" -- we are not very good at it!

Government was designed to protect our rights and that is Brad Klippert's top priority, and we must support him to that end.

I am certain his opponent is a nice young man but if he's going to Olympia to follow the Democrats, I cannot, in good conscience, support him! The majority party, in the last session, spent the entire general session passing a piece of "social-engineering" legislation rather than working on real solutions to balance the state's budget. What stupidity!

I encourage you to vote for Brad Klippert, a strong supporter of our Constitution and a balanced budget!

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