None of the above

September 19, 2012 

JEREMY OWEN, Kennewick

Election Day will soon be here, and once again we are faced with a choice of the lesser of two evils.

We have an incumbent who has openly spurred class warfare, fallen through on most of his promises, and because the "ditch" proved to be further over his head than he was prepared for, he has been reduced to the same old political tactics that he claimed he was above.

We have a nominee who is unrelatable, is not a statesman and in many ways represents all the inequities of our current economic and taxation systems. Even worse, his proposals are old news.

To top it off, this election isn't even about these two men. This election has turned into a war of ideology. As if those discussions could be settled in a generation, much less a day. We are electing a representative body, not a pantheon. Our social, economic and security problems have never been greater, and our choices have never been worse. Who is to blame?

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