Governor: McKenna

September 16, 2012 

Washington state is fortunate to have State Attorney General Rob McKenna as a candidate for governor this fall. He is a capable public servant who knows our state and has spent much of his career defending its rights and the rights of its citizens.

McKenna has helped navigate us through the recent turbulent waters of the housing downturn. Rob has, over the last few difficult years, actively sought to protect homeowners and keep them in their homes. It is a key reason why he won the state Realtor Association's endorsement.

When scammers sought to take advantage of troubled homeowners facing foreclosure, Rob pushed for legislation to stop it. When foreclosure procedures proved faulty, he worked on the national and state levels to correct them. McKenna was also a chief negotiator of the National Mortgage Settlement that now brings help and support to keep Washington families in their homes.

As the president of the Washington Association of Realtors, I witnessed McKenna's dedication to Washington and its citizens. When he is governor, I am confident he will continue to protect the dream of home ownership for responsible buyers.

FAYE NELSON, Kennewick

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