Fast Focus: The amazing Mrs. Romney

September 16, 2012 

I watched some of both conventions and was so impressed by this amazing woman who introduced her husband with such love and devotion. Anne Romney demonstrated such grace and courage and love for America and family and faith. I was very impressed with her and share her values. I also share Mitt Romney's values. I believe he is a man called for this time. We need a person of convictions and personal faith in the White House. We need a leader.

I believe America needs to get back to the basics of morality, convictions, courage and strength. We need an America we can have faith in once more. We need jobs, and I believe Mitt Romney is the leader for this. We need a leader that can lead. I respect his faith in God and love for his family and desire to help America get back on track. I found a kindred spirit with Anne Romney, like her I am proud of my family and am very family oriented and believe in the values that make our country the greatest in the world. After all, are we not the land of the free and the home of the brave?

-- DIANA ELLIOTT, Richland

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