Osteen writes every day can be Friday

Tri-City HeraldSeptember 14, 2012 

"Thank God it's Friday!" is a familiar anthem when the long awaited day finally arrives.

It seems employees are happier, kids are happier and parents, too. Rarely does Monday or any other day of the week bring such joy.

But Joel Osteen says in his latest book, Every Day a Friday that our happiness quotient doesn't have to be at its highest for only one day. The author and senior pastor of a mega-church in Houston, Texas, reminds us throughout his bestseller that happiness is all about choice.

For me, this book landed in my hands just when I needed its words the most this summer. There were many bumps in the road -- death of a friend, severe family illness, choices by others that weighed heavily on my heart. If I let circumstances wrap sadness around me, then even Friday wouldn't be a good day.

These words leaped from its pages: "We have to realize every day is a gift from God. Once this day is gone, we can never retrieve it. If we make the mistake of being negative, discouraged, grumpy, or sour, we've wasted the day."

In other words, we need to be happy on purpose.

By the time I reached the last chapter, it was clear his perspective -- no matter what the circumstances -- could make a world of difference every day. A grateful heart can open our eyes to all the good in our lives and outshine what may not be perfect.

To live life in faith with an attitude of excitement and thankfulness is a choice, and one I want to choose. Read the book and you might feel the same way, too.

Then instead of, "Thank God it's Friday," this could be our song of praise: "This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalm 118:24)

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