In Memory

September 8, 2012 

I am not a fan of funerals. I might even skip my own. But when a dear friend passes away, it's hard not to pay your respects.

Rita Bossert was a kind soul who had a fondness for family, golf, her dog, Mojito, and the Tri-City Americans. I'm sure Mojito would like to be first on the list, but he can't read and will never know.

Rita died Monday of liver cancer and kidney failure. She was just 49. Way too young to leave this earth.

The love and friendship she showed to others was returned Saturday, as hundreds packed the funeral home, filling the the chapel, the basement where the service was shown via TV screen and the lobby. There wasn't a dry eye in the place (especially mine). A video of photos brought smiles to a rather somber day, and the kind words spoken brought a few laughs.

Rita and her husband, Ben, were long-time season-ticket holders for the Americans, with seats in Section U. I met some of the people who sit in their section today. Nice people, but I could tell that if anyone tries to sit in her seat, it won't be a pretty scene.

Rita was one of two Tri-City Americans fans to pass away since the end of last season (that I know of).

Verla Kendrick, who had a seat in Section C for years before she moved last season to avoid the trips up and down the stairs, died July 16. She was 74.

I didn't know Verla personally, but my husband, Scott, did. He would take her arm and help her up and down the stairs during the games. In return, she would put together a yummy basket of goodies for him at Christmas.

Both will be missed.

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