Mid-Columbia births for Fri, Sep 7, 2012

September 7, 2012 

Kennewick General Hospital

FAUL -- Brittney and Alexander Strom, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 4.

HALL -- Heather and Chrystian Esparza, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 5.

MILLER -- Jocelyn and Sean, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 6.

GREEN-COMBS -- Karen and Joshua, Pasco, boy, Sept. 5.

STOUT -- Renae and Jason, Pasco, boy, Sept. 5.

BILLADO -- Cheyanne and Nicolas Nunez, Pasco, boy, Sept. 6.

CASTELLANOS -- Alma, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 5.

Walla Walla General Hospital

MIRANDA -- Anabel and Juan Unzueta, Milton Freewater, girl, Sept. 1.

NAVA -- Valena and Ryan Elizares, Hermiston, girl, Sept. 1.

BAUER -- Fawn and Todd, Walla Walla, boy, Aug. 21.

CARROLL -- Melissa and Andrew, Walla Walla, girl, Aug. 28.

SMITHHART -- Teneasa and Anthony, Milton Freewater, boy, Aug. 31.

OWSLEY -- Christine and R. Matthew, Walla Walla, girl, Aug. 29.

Lourdes Medical Center, Pasco

CISNEROS -- Llulisma and Fidel, Kennewick, boy, Aug. 30.

ELIZONDO-CARRILLO -- Nancy and Heliodoro Carrillo, Pasco, boy, Aug. 30.

ROGEL -- Maribel and Jairo Mendoza, Pasco, boy, Sept. 1.

COOPER -- Danielle and Zackery Weinberger, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 3.

CASTREJON -- Maria and Mario Lucatero, Kennewick, girl, Sept. 4.

Prosser Memorial Hospital

WOODY -- Tiffani and Carson, Grandview, boy, Aug. 29.

VAZQUEZ -- Brenda and Pedro Contreras, Sunnyside, boy, Aug. 29.

GONZALEZ -- Gabriela and Juan Ventura, Sunnyside, boy, Aug. 30.

ALBINO -- Rocelia and Celestino Ramirez, Grandview, girl, Aug. 31.

AMBRIZ -- Ruth, Prosser, girl, Aug. 31.

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