I make mistakes ... and you herd it hear first

September 7, 2012 

A couple of things I need to address, but first, a shameless company plug.

Did you know there are three ways to get your news from the Tri-City Herald?

First, you can read it online immediately -- Friday night football games on Friday night. Second, you can read it in the paper the following morning. And third, you can hear it on the radio in the afternoon.

Now, a couple of mea culpas (Mea culpum? Mea culpae? It is Latin afterall).

The first goes out to Summer Yates, a 12-year-old student at McLoughlin Middle School in Pasco who apparently has some serious wheels, and whom I overlooked as the overall female winner of the Little Cross cross country race on Sunday.

Now, you're probably asking: Kevin, why you pickin' on the kid?

My only response: She had it coming, showing off her mad running skills like that.

No, seriously, on this one I'm going to plead a combination of honest mistake and bad eyesight. Reading glasses, here I come.

Seriously, though, 12 years old?!

My second bad came in my football preview in Friday's paper, and it was only half bad at that. While I didn't come out and say that Pasco is a 3A team, I did reference the Bulldogs and Southridge together while talking about how the 3A picture could come into focus in week two of the season.

For this I am going to borrow a page out of President Obama's book and blame the syntax, as well as proclaim, "I didn't write that!"

But seriously folks, if I had actually said that Pasco was 3A -- and thank you coaches for texting me and bringing it to my attention -- I totally had a goat to scape.

Ever since the Big Nine and Mid-Valley combined in 2006 to form a giant ball of confusion (schools moving out, schools moving in), you need a program to keep track of all the dance partners -- unfortunately, they run out of those early at the football games.

Kennewick schools dropped down to 3A, then back up to 4A ... no, wait, back to 3A. Pasco dropped down two years ago, now it is back up. And who is in what division?

I know not everyone is happy the Tri-City teams split off from the Big Nine -- and dragged Walla Walla along for the ride. But as someone who has to keep track of whatever league in which they all reside, I love the prospect of an eight-team league centered in TC rather than a massive 14- or 15-team field spread out all over central Washington.

And the hope is -- my hope for sure, and shared by nearly all coaches I've spoken with -- is that there will be a degree of longevity to the current format. That way, your league games won't be changing every two years, and playoff scenarios will become static. Heck, we might even have the same league name for more than two years in a row -- does anyone remember the CBL?

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