Mid-Columbia births for Fri, Sep 7, 2012

September 7, 2012 

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

MONTOYA -- Nicole and Ricardo, Umatilla, boy, Aug. 28.

GONZALEZ -- Laura and Antonio, Hermiston, boy, Aug. 29.

HENDRICKS -- Krista and Taylor McKenzie, Stanfield, boy, Aug. 28.

AYALA -- Elvia and Rodrigo Avellanoza, Hermiston, boy, Aug. 27.

RODRIGUEZ -- Shannon and Jose Frias, Boardman, boy, Aug. 28.

BOYER -- Alyssa and Jacob Wheeler, Irrigon, boy, Aug. 27.

KETTLER -- Stepanie and Ryan, Hermiston, boy, Aug. 27.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

SHRADAR -- Stacy and Jonathan, West Richland, boy, Aug. 28.

STADE -- Heather and Christopher, Kennewick, boy, Aug. 28.

SABIN -- Anna and Paul, West Richland, girl, Aug. 28.

ALVARADO -- Lacey and Genaro Perez, Kennewick, boy, Aug. 28.

OSBORNE -- Sabrina and Andrew McCallum, Kennewick, girl, Aug. 28.

VOJTA -- Shilo, Kennewick, boy, Aug. 28.

SYKES -- Shalee and Kevin, Kennewick, boy, Aug. 28.

HIGUERA -- Karla and Miguel Olivera, Pasco, boy, Aug. 29.

MARTILLO -- Krissa and Adrian, Richland, boy, Aug. 29.

RODRIGUEZ -- Linda and Jesus, Grandview, boy, Aug. 29.

WHITESIDE -- Daniela and Amos, Prosser, girl, Aug. 29.

MOREY -- Cynthia and Edwin Tampos, Richland, girl, Aug. 30.

FAIRCHILD -- Sarah, Richland, boy, Aug. 31.

GONZALEZ -- Teresa, Pasco, girl, Aug. 31.

MORAN -- Traci and Jim, Richland, girl, Aug. 31.

CAGLE -- Brigette and Jack Gunion, Richland, girl, Aug. 31.

LEINGANG -- Robyn and James, Richland, boy, Aug. 31.

MOORE -- Brandalyn and Eric, Kennewick, twin boys, Aug. 31.

PLEASANT -- Cynarra, Kennewick, girl, Aug. 31.

HEARD -- Ammie and Robert, Kennewick, boy, Sept. 1.

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