Pac-12 Network stalemate frustrating

September 6, 2012 

I won't be getting to Pullman for Washington State's home football opener Saturday against Eastern Washington. (My boss, Jeff "Screamin' Eagle" Morrow, will be.) But I won't be able to watch the game, either, because my satellite provider, Dish, does not carry the Pac-12 Network.

In compiling the weekend TV/radio listings tonight, I felt my frustration rising when I realized that the Cougars will be, in essence, blacked out for a metro area that's just two hours away from Martin Stadium. I thought it was bad when I lived 80 miles from Oakland and couldn't watch Raider games on Sundays.

OK, maybe that wasn't such a bad thing considering their record. If people weren't going to the games, what made the NFL think fans would want to watch the team on TV? I had better things to do with my three hours than watch the Raiders lose again, like vacuuming or grocery shopping. Heck, taking a nap sounded pretty darn awesome.

But this Pac-12 problem is not just an issue for WSU fans or the Tri-Cities. It's an issue all across the state, and in Oregon, and in California, and it's affecting fans of every Pac-12 team. What's the holdup here? We're just about two weeks into the season, and so far, several cable and satellite providers haven't signed on to carry the Pac-12 Network. I see friends on Facebook petitioning their providers to make a deal already, but alas, no movement.

So I guess I will roll out of bed Saturday morning and turn on the radio to listen to the game. With the advent of fancy TV technology, radio can seem so quaint at times, and yet, it's the only thing getting the job done. And for free.

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